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Why Today’s Athletes Will Never Learn (LeBron)

Why Today’s Athletes Will Never Learn (LeBron)

Why I feel the way I do about certain players in the league today…. 

I am what some would call “old school” and believe in letting your play speak for itself and don’t bring attention to yourself.

Last night was a perfect example of the “look at me” era that we are in today in all sports, but especially the NBA.

Reason 1 – Perfect example as to why I can’t root for players like Lebron James and have minimal respect for him and what he stands for.  This picture is the exact reason.

Why the need to do that?  Why the need to bring attention to yourself rather than playing the game the right way and dominating to get your point across?LebRon being an ass.

Did you ever see Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell or Kareem Abdul Jabbar act like that in a meaningless regular season game? Not a chance.

This seems to be the way of the world for today’s “coddled” athletes and James is the poster child for me to teach my kids what NOT to be.

I guess I should thank him for that in a weird way, he gives me a visual aid of what you don’t want to be regardless of accolades.

Reason 2 – I really despise athletes who talk about other teams “issues” and “problems” when they are not in that locker room everyday to see what is really going on.

The comments James made last night about the Nets and how they “quit” on Avery Johnson got me all riled up and I am sure you saw some of  my tweets.

James said “They are not doing anything different. They are playing with more passion, more together, they are playing like they want to play for their coach,” James said. “It sucks that Avery had to take the hit of them not wanting to play at a high level, but that’s what it looks like to me. They haven’t changed their offense, they haven’t changed their defense. They’ve picked it up in intensity level and you can tell they like to play for PJ.”

Does anyone remember when he bumped into Eric Spoelstra last year in disgust and tried to throw  his coach under the bus every chance he got.  The same way he challenged the authority of Mike Brown?  How about when he “quit” on his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, in their final playoff appearance?

I see that James is a “Do as I say but NOT as I Do” person.(as my late Nana used to say)

Regardless of whether he was asked a direct question or not about the Nets coaching change,  he shouldn’t be speaking about someone else’s coach or team.

Don’t throw stones Mr. “I finally won a championship after I quit on my team and left them to play with multiple all–stars rather then build a championship ” James – Talk about your own house and your own team and stay quiet about other people’s houses or teams.

I believe James is anything other than a “King” (self-proclaimed title) and I wouldn’t even consider him a “Prince.”

I can thank you sir for one thing……. for allowing me to teach my kids how not to be and for urging me to take out all of my old VHS tapes of the Greatest of All Time, Michael Jordan, to show my kids what heart and desire can do if you do it the right way.

Again I may be considered old for believing in old saying’s like  “speak when spoken to” and “don’t throws stones.” If that makes me old and out of touch than so be it.

John Paolantonio

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others MAKE it Happen” 23

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  1. January 31, 2013
    Lebron is an insecure fool. I bet he is back in Cleveland soon now that he "won" his ring. The sad part is many Athletes are just like him today. Not worthy of a role model to anyone, let alone a child. Reply

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